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In short, we substantially increase the amount of sector specific connections you have on LinkedIn, whilst also generating leads and getting you in touch with your new connections, to increase your consultants and your businesses profitability.

We only add and engage with connections that are entirely relevant to your set criteria. Having more relevant connections allows you to reach out and send jobs to prospective candidates or also enables you to contact Managers and Directors to gain more business. It also enhances your company and consultant’s exposure online, which will effectively acquire your company more followers, page views, post views, likes, shares and website views.
After we have sent 1500 connection requests, we will then send a message (provided by you) to each individual that accepts within the first two days. (The first two days is when you will see the biggest increase in accepted requests)
It’s no secret, we do everything manually. We put the hard work and the time in identifying, connecting and engaging to your target audience. We frown at companies that use software, as this will result in a high percentage of irrelevant connections!
We ask that each individual consultant sends us an email to provide us with the sector, profession and location they recruit in, we will then check each profile to make sure they are still working within that sector.

Absolutely! We recommend that you use our service on a regular basis in order to gain more connections and leads. Check out the options here and talk to us today to discuss.

Of course you can! Whatever sector or industry you work in, we’re certain that the service will have a positive impact on your business.

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