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Network Rocket was founded by Scott Pisacane who has worked in the recruitment industry for over 6 years.

Scott was known in the establishments he worked in as the ‘LinkedIn Guru’, with the majority of candidates and clients he represented sourced from LinkedIn. He realised the only way he would increase his billings is to have more exposure on LinkedIn and to grow his connections by a substantial amount, however adding thousands of connections and then reaching out to them is a very time consuming job and it takes months to achieve, which is simply not viable whilst also doing your day to day job.

This is where he had the idea to start Network Rocket, an inexpensive, Network building agency that will identify, connect and engage with your target audience, in order for you to get the maximum value out of LinkedIn.


We will only connect and engage with individuals who are currently working within the sector you recruit in.

So, you can rest assured every individual we add and engage with will be relevant.

Time Saving

Adding thousands of connections and engaging with them is a very time consuming job which would take consultants months to achieve.

This is where Network Rocket come in and do the leg work for you!

Lead Generating

After we send 1500 connection requests, we will then send a lead generating email to everyone that accepts within the first two days.

You will be speaking with your new connections in no time!

Huge ROI

The average acceptance rate is over 35%, therefore with 1 account, you will average a minimum of around 525 new connections. If your average placement fee is £4000, with the standard package you will have profited 13x more than your investment with just one placement!

Example using our standard service, based on a company with 25 consultants:

We send 1,500 tailored connection requests for each account, therefore we will request 37,500 sector specific connections for your business, along with sending a lead generating message to all the individuals that accept within the first two days (averaging around 250 per account).

From our experience, the minimum amount that accept is 35%

Even at the minimum, that means your business now has 13,125 new sector specific connections and we will have sent out around 6,250 tailored, lead generating messages!

  • We charge £300 per account

  • Your average placement fee is £4,000

  • If each consultant makes a placement with our services, you will have profited £92,500 more than your investment.

  • If only 5 out of the 25 consultants make a placement with our services, you will have profited £12,500 more than your investment.

What we do is simple, yet extremely effective.

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